“Taurakalnio Sveikatos Namai” ieško prisijungti į komandą psichiatrų psichoterapeutų.

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The Specialists

Doctor psychiatrist psychotherapist Kotryna Varevičienė Specialty: Psychotherapy

Hello, my name is Kotryna Varevičienė. I am a psychotherapist and psychiatrist, working in Vilnius or via Internet (Skype). I’m continuously improving my knowledge and experience in different fields of psychotherapy, including: psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural and psychoanalysis. The methods of psychotherapy I offer can be applied flexibly, depending on theclient’s needs and religious beliefs. Education: Vilnius university faculty of Medicine (Therapy, Psychiatry), VU school of Psychodynamic (Psychoanalytic) Psychotherapy, candidate psychoanalyst.

Doctor psychiatrist psychotherapist Rūta Avižonienė Specialty: Psychotherapy

Work experience: 35 years in Vilnius University Psychiatry clinic, Vilnius Town Psychic Health Centre (chief of 1st woman dept.). Education: Vilnius university faculty of Medicine (Pediatry, Psychiatry); Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy studies in Finland.

Doctor psychotherapist Nino Mackina

Studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of Pediatrics, graduated from VU, MF, residency in adolescent and adult psychiatry, VU basic course of psychodynamic psychotherapy. For a long time he worked at the Psychotherapy Center (Malonioji St.), VmPSC KC. Recently working for the VmPSC Crisis Intervention Division, Psychiatrist.

Doctor psychotherapist Jolita Bužinskienė

I graduated from Kaunas Medical Academy and the program of Kaunas Gestalt Study Center. Work experience – 22 years, I worked in Senevita care home, Vilnius city. At the Mental Health Center, I currently work with outpatients. Participant in biomedical research, cognitive behavioral therapy practice (I am studying this field of psychotherapy at LSMU). I think the treatment needs to be complex, and that’s possible by meeting during a course of psychotherapy.

Sergey Polovizki Specialty: Massagist, Traditional Chinese medicine specialist

Education. Seminar Kibutzim, College, Israel; CDUTCM- Čengdu University, China.

Titas Navickas Specialization: Sports / therapeutic / SPA massages, physiotherapy and rehabilitation

I am a qualified massage therapist. I started my career as a masseur at one of the best massage colleges in New South Wales, Australia, where I studied the principles and techniques of massage therapy and obtained a Grade IV Massage Therapist certificate, allowing me to work as a massage therapist in clinics. I continued my studies in the specialist study program and obtained a diploma in therapeutic and sports massage. I studied sports and therapeutic massage techniques from world-class teachers who work for the Australian national team and give lectures at foreign universities. I did a personal internship at a clinic in Sydney where I realized my knowledge and was rated as the best masseuse at a student clinic. In Europe, I continued my practice and studies in the Netherlands and Lithuania. I studied and obtained a certificate of physiotherapy taping. I am studying physiotherapy and rehabilitation at Vilnius University. In Lithuania, I continued my internship at Health Revolution, and currently at Taurakalnis Health House.

I invite you to visit my massage session and improve your quality of life, get rid of tension, muscle aches and suffering problems. Take care of yourself!

See you soon!

Quote of the Week

“Tikrovė gali būti metaforiška, bet dėl to jos tikrumas nemažėja” Salman Rushdie “Vidurnakčio vaikai”


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