The Specialists

Specialists Varevičienė Doctor psychiatrist psychotherapist Kotryna Varevičienė
Specialty: Psychotherapy

Hello, my name is Kotryna Varevičienė. I am a psychotherapist and psychiatrist, working in Vilnius or via Internet (Skype). I’m continuously improving my knowledge and experience in different fields of psychotherapy, including: psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural and psychoanalysis. The methods of psychotherapy I offer can be applied flexibly, depending on theclient’s needs and religious beliefs.

Education: Vilnius university faculty of Medicine (Therapy, Psychiatry), VU school of Psychodynamic (Psychoanalytic) Psychotherapy, candidate psychoanalyst.

Specialists Avižonienė Doctor psychiatrist psychotherapist Rūta Avižonienė
Specialty: Psychotherapy 

Work experience: 35 years in Vilnius University Psychiatry clinic, Vilnius Town Psychic Health Centre (chief of 1st woman dept.).

Education: Vilnius university faculty of Medicine (Pediatry, Psychiatry); Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy studies in Finland.

Specialists Žilėnienė Doctor psychotherapist Jolanta Žilėnienė
Specialty: Psychotherapy
Education: Vilnius university faculty of Medicine (Pediatry), school of Psychodynamic (Psychoanalytic) Psychotherapy.
Sergey Polovizki
Specialty: Massagist, Traditional Chinese medicine specialist
Education. Seminar Kibutzim, College, Israel; CDUTCM- Čengdu University, China.