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Psychotherapist, psychiatrist about depression, anxiety, fears or other human traps and inner demons

bruegel rebelangelsThe path of life is never only smooth and direct. We climb to great heights and descend to profound depths, conquering the world and trying to keep on living even after defeat. Everybody experiences different emotions like greater or smaller anxiety, sadness, fear, psychical pain or emptiness, to name but a few. Emotions are necessary in human life and all of them have their own purpose. Sometimes people encounter too many emotions at once, and one can face difficulties dealing with them. On the other hand, people can suffer a threatening lack of emotions. One could think that they survive depression. Changed mood is often an obstacle to accept reality as it is. According to A. Maslow – the essential feature of successful personality is a deep and adequate perception of reality.

If your anxiety or depression symptoms are light or mild (you still are capable of work, to participate in everyday life, or maintain your most important relations) – then you should apply to have a consultation with our psychotherapist.World expert psychiatrists recommend starting treatment of light or mild anxiety or depression with psychotherapy. However, if your suffering is getting unbearable and you can hardly manage your everyday tasks or your most important relations are under threat of disruption, then you should combine psychotherapy with pharmacotherapy. The most common forms of treatment are conversational treatments and medication. These treatments aim to relieve and help you cope with distressing symptoms. Medications alonecannot cure mental health problems, but are used to ease the most distressing symptoms.

About us

Our team consists of psychodynamic branch psychotherapists and psychiatrists. We believe that psychiatric disorders result from human development, inherited genetic material and environment or social intercourse (nature & nurture). However, human relations are of great importance. In our practice, psychotherapeutic relation and communication can create a special space, where speech & language are the material of therapeutic work, which helps to learn self-understanding.

Therapeutic change in the psychic state gives more opportunities to find out the purpose of life. Therefore finding the right therapist and suitable form of therapy for each patient is of high importance. “Taurakalnio sveikatos namai” offers not only face-to-face therapy with highly experienced specialists, but also ‘Skype’ sessions, available for those not able to attend in person.

If you feel like your mind has changed and it is causing you suffering; seek a psychotherapist or psychiatrist to help by calling: +37051475167.

Our experienced team members strongly follow conditions of confidentiality.

Psychotherapist, psychiatrist, psychological help in Vilnius & via Skype.

Quote of the Week

The only fear, the one that shapes our thoughts, is the fear of being nothing.”

Eric Emmanuel Schmitt “Ulysses from Bagdad”


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